Board of Directors

President: Cinda Lucas

President Elect:

1st VP Membership: Susan Polizzotto, Lisa Malec and Gina Mell

2nd VP Recruitment: Karen Bowman and Lisa Barkett

Corresponding Secretary/Sunshine and Shadows: Holly McCloskey

Recording Secretary: Jody Hennessy

Treasurer: Kathleen Owen

Immediate Past President: Kristen Smith

Reservations: Sandy Matranga and Patti Holmes

Programs: Cynthia Davis and Marti Rosenberg

Scholarship: Renny Hauswald and Kathy Hoffman-Grotting

Nominating: Kristen Smith

Bylaws: Delnora Janecek

Day of SCervice: Judy Rowles

Local Service: Beth Dammeyer

Email: Kim Wenrick

Roster: Ann Rike

Newsletter: Shelly Atkinson

Social Media and Website: Darlene Larson

Mailings: Wendy Hammar

Scions: Kathy Stumm

LUSCious Dinner:

Holiday Luncheon: Helen Nordan and Carolyn Jensen

Historian: Sally Oxley and Susan Richman

Hospitality: Jenn Buckner

Lunch Bunch: Renny Hauswald and Nancy Miller

Field Trip: Nancy Seidel and Candace Sears

End of Summer Party :

Members at Large: Pat Price, Constance Maples, Jennifer Kearns, Nancy Hasbrouck

EMERITA: Tommi Adelizzi, Nancy Anderson, Bonnie Colbourne,  Nancy Hillgren, Patti Jelley,  Lynne Wheeler

ACC: Cinda Lucas and Kirsten Smith