Our History

Our Affiliation to USC

Trojan League Associates of San Diego County is part of a larger group of USC women’s organizations called the Alumnae Coordinating Council.  Each year, we hold three daytime meetings which include engaging guest speakers and a catered lunch. We have the privilege of hosting keynote guest speakers many of whom are prominent professors, researchers or business leaders from the Trojan Family and provide inspirational and informative talks spanning a diverse area of subjects.

The Formation of TLASDC

The Association of Trojan Leagues, through then vice-president for Admissions, Mrs. Nordwall, initiated the formation of the San Diego Trojan League. San Diego was to be the Association’s pilot model.  Mrs. Nordwall and Mrs. Starling (Association President) met with Jacqueline Wells, Diane Pastore and Lois Dechant to explore organizing a Trojan League in San Diego.

In April of 1968 Diane Pastore opened her home for a luncheon at which Association of Trojan League officers explained Trojan Leagues to additional San Diego alumnae.

In early December of 1969 Mrs. Cooper of the Association hosted a meeting at the Cuyamaca Club and discussed the mechanics of seeking charter members.

In May, 57 proposed members, 25 Pilot Committee members, and 14 professional candidates, a total of 96 names were submitted to the Association. At this time the Pilot Committee also drafted a set of by-laws. On October 23, 1969 the Association of Trojan Leagues chartered their third organization, the Trojan League of San Diego County.

Today there are seven Trojan Leagues throughout Southern California, whose mission is to advance the goals of the University of Southern California and its Alumni Association by supporting the Leagues and serving as an ambassador for the University and the collective voice for all the Leagues.