Counselors Luncheon – All San Diego County high school and community college counselors are invited to our annual Counselors Luncheon to learn about the University admittance procedures.

Neighborhood Reception (April) – hosted by TLASDC to congratulate newly admitted students and assist them in answering questions about attending USC.

Central Library Fieldtrip
Central Library Fieldtrip

SCend Off (August) – TLASDC joins forces with the other San Diego alumni organizations to sponsor SCend Off. This event is the official farewell to those students from San Diego County who will be leaving for their first year at USC. It brings new students, family and alumni together to celebrate the San Diego Trojan family.

Scholarship selection – Each year the League sponsors a minimum of six scholarships. In order to fund these scholarships we have an annual fundraiser with food and festivities.

Holiday Scholarship Luncheon (December) – This annual holiday luncheon celebrates our named scholarships which include past Alumni Association Presidents and TLASDC members Ann Lipscomb Hill and Lisa Denton Barkett.

USC Day of SCervice (Spring) – Conceived by by TLASDC member, Lisa Barkett, USC Day of SCervice is held in conjunction with USC Friends and Neighbors Service Day and provide USC alumni the opportunity to come together on one day to participate in philanthropic service in their local communities,

USC Women’s Conference (March), Volunteer Recognition Dinner (August), USC Leadership Conference (Fall) – TLASDC members will often drive up to USC to attend these special recognition and professional developement events hosted by the USC Alumni Association.


The league conducts three meetings a year traditionally in October, February and April. Each meeting features a speaker or program highlighting the university. Over the years, speakers have included deans from every school, members of the university administration, professors who share their current work and local USC alumni in special fields of interest,